Anger from locals as tourists take selfies in quake-hit villages in Italy

TOURISTS taking selfies and snaps of wrecked houses have been slammed by survivors of Italy’s earthquake.

Hundreds of gawpers have flocked to towns and villages hit by last week’s disaster, which left at least 291 dead.

They have been clogging roads and getting in the way of rescue teams.

Pescara del Tronto resident Simone Rendina, 26, told The Sun: “It’s disgusting what some people will do.”

A cop said: “They take pictures of themselves standing in front of a wrecked house smiling and then put them on Facebook. It’s distasteful.”

Forty nine people were killed in Pescara del Tronto during the earthquake including Giulia Rinaldo, eight, who died after she used her body to protect her four year old sister Giorgia from falling masonry.

Student Simone Rendina, 26, was allowed back into the hamlet to retrieve belongings only after he showed his ID to police and firefighters.

Simone told The Sun: "It’s disgusting what some people will do. I’ve heard accents of people clearly from Rome and elsewhere just strolling about and they are taking pictures.

“I snapped in the end and told one group where to go.

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The extent of the damage is revealed in this aerial shot of the central Italian villageCredit: AP:Associated Press

They wanted to take pictures in front of wrecked houses but these are people’s homes and lives have been lost.

“Pescara del Tronto is not a tourist attraction or somewhere like Disneyland – these people need to have some respect for what’s happened.

“I heard one group asking for directions to get to Amatrice down the road which was also badly hit so they could go and have a look.

“Do these people not have anything better to do ?”

When The Sun asked one group why they were taking pictures a man replied:”We were just passing through and wanted to take a look. It’s not everyday you see something like this.”

Three Britons – schoolboy Marcos Burnett, 14, and family friends Will and Maria Henniker-Gotley – were killed in the disaster.

They were crushed by falling rubble at the villa the Henniker-Gotley’s, from Stockwell, south west London, owned at Sommati near Amatrice.

Marcos' parents Simon and Louise, from Bayswater, west London, are still being treated for their injuries at a hospital in Rieti 45 miles away.

Yesterday a spokesman said he expected them to be released within the next 48 hours.

Officials said at least nine people were still missing and a mass funeral service for more than 200 victims is due to take place in Amatrice on Tuesday.

Meanwhile further aftershocks continued to rock the area sending unstable buildings tumbling down including parts of a renovated school in Amatrice which had been declared “earthquake proof”.

Prosecutors are investigating whether mafia crime gangs were involved in the works having secured them allegedly with bribes and then used shoddy materials. Ends Mfl

Last night police arrested two Romanians caught looting from damaged houses in Amatrice.

It came just 24 hours after The Sun on Sunday has revealed evil looters were dressing as fireman to help themselves to abandoned valuables.

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