Anti-mask ranter carried out of shop by son after throwing tantrum

An angry American shopper has been filmed getting carried out of a grocery store by his own son after spouting off against mask-wearers.

The middle-aged man, who has yet to be identified, lost his temper in a Sprouts Farmer’s Market in Tucson, Arizona, one of many US cities where face coverings are mandatory in most indoor public settings.

He yells at other shoppers: ‘You’re a bunch of idiots wearing masks, you know it’s not real.’

‘Look at you fools. You got a f**king doily on your face, retard. Looks like you f**king got it off your mom’s countertop.’

After he becomes more aggressive, two of the younger men with him step in to keep him away from another shopper who had begun to answer back.

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One of the young men can be heard muttering ‘Dad, Dad’ as he pushes him towards the exit.

The ranter yells: ‘Come outside. Come outside and show me how tough you are. I’ll beat that f—ing mask off your face.’

Eventually his son resorts to physically lifting him up and carrying him outside, where he knocks over a stack of crates on his way out.

Spats over mask-wearing rules have become common in many parts of the US, where coronavirus-sceptics see them as part of a government conspiracy.

A study of social media activity by Survival At Home, a personal security and outdoorsmanship website, found Arizona is the most anti-mask state in the US.

State authorities do not require the wearing of face coverings but some local authorities such as Tucson do.

Sprouts is one of many national brands that require mask-wearing regardless of local laws.

A spokesperson for Sprouts told local media the incident was subject to a ‘pending investigation’.

They added: ‘Sprouts offers a number of accommodations for those who may be unable or unwilling to wear a mask or face shield, including personal shopping options for those who are medically exempt, as well as online ordering for curbside pickup and delivery.’

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