Are conflicts of interest OK as long as everything’s green?

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Kudos to The Washington Free Beacon for pointing out that Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm holds major stock in a company that President Joe Biden keeps promoting as part of his green-energy push.

Biden did a virtual tour of electric-battery and -vehicle maker Proterra on Tuesday, just days after Vice President Kamala Harris visited a bus company whose main supplier of electric vehicles is also Proterra.

Granholm has up to $5 million of stock in Proterra and served on its board of directors from March 2017 to as recently as six days before her confirmation in February.

In her January letter to an ethics official, Granholm promised to quit the board and sell her stock “to avoid any actual or apparent conflict of interest.” But she has yet to let go of any Proterra shares.

If this was all about oil, the press would be screaming.

The White House tried to downplay the conflict of interest, saying Granholm played no part in the decision to promote Proterra and has 180 days from confirmation to sell the stock.

But a Biden executive order in February gave Granholm the job of “identifying risks in the supply chain for high-capacity batteries, including electric-vehicle batteries, and policy recommendations.” Plus, his “infrastructure” plan would drop $174 billion on the EV market, including a program that would replace at least 20 percent of school buses with EVs — and Proterra is one of the leading US manufacturers of electric buses.

So: Did the energy secretary have no say in the plan’s EV provisions, after Biden made it her job to offer EV solutions, or is this huge conflict of interest OK because the cause is so politically correct?

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