As lockdown ends, it’s time to get back to the British freedom we love and end coronaphobia – The Sun

LOCKDOWN will officially end on July 4, now we’ve got to claim our freedoms back. 

On America’s Independence Day life in this country – with a whole stack of caveats – will start to return to normal following nearly four months of pain, tragedy, economic devastation and fear like we haven’t seen in decades.

The hated two metre rule will be gone. Pubs and restaurants will be back, with mega beer gardens allowed in car parks and streets.

Staycations will return too, with air bridges allowing international travel coming very soon. Even cinemas, museums and galleries can open their doors.

But, make no mistake, reversing something so dramatic and historic and unprecedented is going to be far more difficult than many can comprehend.

Our recovery will only work if it’s one big national effort – and that means beating coronaphobia.


It’s time to stop scaring each other. It’s time to look at the facts, not the hysteria. It’s time to come together to save our economy and millions of jobs.

If you are loving life sitting in your garden on the computer a few hours a day in a secure white collar job then it’s time to start thinking about those less fortunate.

Thousands of businesses are reliant on you leaving your house, going back to the office, shopping on the high street rather than online, and choosing to eat and drink out.


This is not a drill. Bank of England governor Andrew Bailey said yesterday the country would have gone bust without its rescue package. He warns many previously thriving companies will go under in the worst recession in 300 years.

How opposition parties react to today’s announcements will show if they truly want to be responsible or are simply interested in point scoring.

Mr Quiff Keir Starmer made an initially positive response, but his flip-flopping behaviour regarding the opening of schools is a warning he will often put political interests before our wellbeing.

Nicola Sturgeon has already gone to a deeply irresponsible place, suggesting the loosening is reckless. It's not.

I also hope today’s new rules do not provide a boom for the box tickers, the red tape lovers and the security guards.

Mask evangelicals will be delighted – and I’ve always supported their limited use to help get life back to normal – BUT they are not the be all and end all.

Personal choice must not disappear. This reopening must also mark the return of freedom and civil liberties.

Let’s bounce back to the Britain we love. It’s time.

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