ATM taken in smash and grab with pickup at Mountain pharmacy: police

Hamilton police are looking for suspects who allegedly drove a vehicle through a Mountain pharmacy and stole an ATM overnight Wednesday.

Investigators say the incident happened shortly after 4:30 a.m., when officers got a call for a break and enter at the Rexall on Rymal Road East and Upper Wentworth.

The suspects are believed to have been operating a pickup truck and smashed through the store to gain access to the ATM.

The alleged thieves were able to escape with the ATM before police arrived.

Detectives have yet to release any information on the suspects.

Retail on the Mountain has been the target of a number of “smash and grab” style ATM thefts and attempted thefts in 2019. Two happened around 4:00 a.m., like Wednesday’s robbery.

In February, a robbery was attempted on Rymal Road at Avondale Convenience. However, that suspect was unable to remove the machine from the store and left the suspect vehicle partially inside the store, still running.

In April, police say “disguised bandits” removed an ATM by smashing through the southeast entrance to CF Lime Ridge Mall, resulting in close to $100,000 worth of property damage.

After Wednesday’s robbery, Hamilton police are suggesting that store owners might want to make changes and upgrades to their businesses to make it less attractive to criminal activity.

The service suggests:

  • Placing an ATM in an area not easily accessible from a door or window.
  • Maintain ATMs with a minimum amount of currency.
  • Ensure existing video surveillance systems are functional and equipped to capture the interior and exterior of the business.
  • Consider the installation of concrete parking curbs outside windows and doors to prevent access into the business by vehicles.
  • Remove any excess signage from windows and doors, allowing potential witnesses a better view of the store interior.
  • Utilize exterior lighting to encourage witnesses.

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