Australia shark attack map reveals 17 horror maulings this year alone as Brit killed by great white

AUSTRALIA has seen 17 horror shark maulings this year including at fatal attack on a Brit swimming in the sea.

Paul Millachip, 57, was in the sea off Western Australia when he was dragged underwater by a 14ft great white as his horrified family watched from the shore.

The dad had been out enjoying his regular morning swim when he was attacked about 50 yards off shore.

Mr Millachip was a regular at the popular beach, and his two adult children were also there at the time of the attack.

Western Australia has been nine shark attacks this year, New South Wales seven and Queensland one, according to

Across the globe, there have been 74 shark attacks with eight people dying.

In what was the latest and third fatality, a pair of Mr Millachip’s goggles was the only thing found after a by a "mammoth" great white.

One witness said he could only watch in horror as the dad was dragged under the surface.

His wife, Thirl Millachip, described he partner of 35 years as a “wonderful man” and “a wonderful father”.

Also killed this year was Mark Sanguinetti, 59, from Sydney, who was fatally bitten on his upper right thigh while out in the water with his three pals. 

He heroically tried to alert to the danger before he was attacked.

Sanguinetti's final moments were seen by one witness, Daryl, who described what happened on Tuesday morning.

"The shark came out of the water, just smashed him, five seconds later he came round and hit him again," the horrified witness told 7News. 

An unnamed man in his 20 was also mauled to death by what is believed to be a great white shark in September.

At Emerald Beach in Coffs Harbour, New South Wales.

Horrified onlookers told of the grisly scenes as the man's arm appeared to have been torn off in the savage shark attack.

"I was out in the surf and I heard screaming," one witness told the Daily Telegraph Australia.

"I paddled further out to the water and saw a man without an arm, there was lots of blood.

"He was shouting ‘help me’ – people were trying to get him out to the shore.”

Last year saw eight people killed by sharks as Australia has recorded its highest figures for fatal attacks for almost 100 years.

Scientists have speculated shifting hunting grounds, the weather, staycations and overfishing allmay have played a role in the spike.

Eight men – aged between 17 and 60 – were killed by sharks while in the water off the coast of Australia in 2020.

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