Baby girl killed by pit bull that snuck into her playpen while she slept – The Sun

A 17 month-old baby was fatally mauled to death in her playpen by a pit bull owned by a family friend.

Marley Wilander was sleeping at the person's home in early hours of Sunday morning while her parents Daniel Wilander and Chelsea Cirino attended a Fourth of July house in Plainfield, Illinois.

The homeowner allegedly had locked two pit bulls in the basement during the holiday get-together but one of the animals reportedly got out.

After hearing noise, the owner found the dog mangling Marley in the upstairs bedroom.

He eventually got the pit bull off Marley and dialed 911, reported Fox2.

Cops found the youngster unresponsive and covered in bite marks and Marley died two hours after she was rushed to St Joseph’s Medical Center.

The Will County coroner’s office said preliminary autopsy results show she died from the dog attack, as per the Sun Times.

One neighbor Carl Bell said the party on Saturday "was going on three-four hours nonstop dark to almost midnight."

“A lot of dogs get out around here, it’s outside, inside someone’s house it’s their responsibility to take care of their dogs," Bell told the station.

The dog that killed Marley was seized by Joliet Township Animal Control, quarantined, and will most likely be euthanized as the investigation continues.

A Facebook profile which is believed to be the homeowner who owned the dogs shows two pit bull type mixed dogs.

A lot of dogs get out around here, it’s outside, inside someone’s house it’s their responsibility to take care of their dogs.

It's not clear if these are the animals who attacked the toddler, however.

A GoFundMe page in memory of Marley was set up and has raised $20,905 of its $20,000 goal as of July 8. 

It described Marley as an amiable little girl who "loved swimming, fishing, her parents, her toys, and her friends."

"Marley was the most beautiful little girl," organizers Benjamin Wright and Angie Wojcik wrote. "From the start this perfect little girl constantly filled the room and hearts of whoever she came into contact with.

"She never had an obnoxious cry or scream (and when she did, it still sounded as innocent as a noise from a small angel).




"Marley loved life and everything she was able to experience.

"Beyond intelligent, intuitive, and calming, this child has so many traits of a wonderful human being and had a big purpose.

"Her existence brought so much joy and so much love to so many people during the last two years. The amount of hurt will not change."

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