BBC Weather: Flood warnings issued as two months of rain set to fall in just three days

BBC Weather: Flood warning issued for parts of the UK

BBC Weather forecaster Matt Taylor warned some areas will see snowmelt causing river levels to go high as temperatures ramp up. He said: “What’s coming our way over the next 24 hours is something much milder. South-westerly winds, particularly across England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and with that heavy rain. This shows where the rain will be falling through the week.

“All of us will see some. We could see two months of rainfall in the space of three days in one or two spots.

“The Met Office concerned about northern England. In this kind of areas we could see the heavy rain, snowmelt combined, river levels already high.

“A real risk of some flooding. Of course, major rivers flowing in this area so we could see flooding continuing through towards the end of the week as well as that water works its way through the river system.

“And not just here, elsewhere across England and Wales, southern Scotland and Northern Ireland will be some heavy rain to come.

“It is waiting in the wings at the moment. Approaching towards us. Slightly quieter conditions at the moment. Down eastern areas clear skies, frost around first thing.

“Some showers in southern Scotland and Northern Ireland today, drifting further north. Staying dry through the afternoon.

“Increasing cloud towards the south and west. That is the first time we will have more persistent rain in Wales. Temperatures above where we should be at the time of the year.”

Both the Environment Agency and the Met Office have released weather warnings in light of incoming heavy rain.

While the Met Office has several scheduled for the incoming week, the rain has already prompted severe conditions.

As such, the Environment Agency has fielded hundreds of combined warnings for areas across the country.

Flood alerts and warnings have urged people to take caution and action in the face of rising floodwater.

Officials with the agency have released a total of 120 advisories for the UK.

UK weather: Met Office forecast ‘showery rain’ across country

These include 99 flood alerts and a further 21 flood warnings asking people to either prepare or take immediate action.

The advisories have clustered across the east coast of the country from Canterbury to Scarborough.

Four flood alerts have emerged on the west coast around Somerset.

The Environment Agency urges those living under a flood alert to be prepared to act on a flood plan.

They should also prepare a flood kit of “essential items” and avoid travelling through flood water.

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Flood warnings, on the other hand, are more severe and ask people to take “immediate action”.

The advice here is for people to protect themselves, their family and others, and move valuables to a safe place while turning off utilities and introducing flood protection equipment.

The Met Office has released weather warnings alongside the Environment Agency.

Forecasters have warned people to expect heavy rain across the west coast from Monday to Wednesday next week.

The yellow warning states: “Heavy rainfall combined with some snowmelt across the hills may lead to some flooding of roads and properties.”

The warning lasts from 6pm on Monday, January 18 to the same time on Wednesday, January 20 and predicts up to 30 to 60mm (one to two inches) of rain to fall “widely”.

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