BBC Weather: Storm Atiyah sparks travel chaos as warnings issued across Britain

BBC Weather’s Sarah Keith-Lucas said despite fewer showers in Britain gales have the UK feeling much cooler. There will be some light showers on Monday mostly on the east coast before lashings of rain on Tuesday. Temperatures are expected to plunge in clear skies on Monday night.

Speaking on BBC Breakfast, Ms Keith-Lucas said: “Storm Atiyah has been movings its way across the country bringing really windy conditions for many of us overnight.

“Still some strong winds to contend with today. It is feeling cooler but there will be fewer showers than there has been recently.”

The blankets of cloud have since moved towards the east of the UK but will bring showers over the next few hours.

She continued: “Later today we will see a ridge of higher pressure moving in from the west so that will quiet things down.

“The winds will gradually ease but certainly this morning there will be some heavy showers on the east coast.

“We could see gusts of 60 possibly 70mph.”

It comes as the Met Office has issued two yellow warnings for wind on Monday.

Ms Keith-Lucas added: “A few wintry flurries in Scotland but they should ease away into the afternoon.

“A lot of dry weather this afternoon.

“Plenty of sunshine around and it will feel rather cooler with temperatures around 4C to 10C out there.

“Into this evening we’ve got clear skies as blue colours return to the map and that means quite an early frost to come.

“Temperatures will dip quickly after the sun sets particularly in the east.”


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Britain is also set to see a huge 6C drop over the next five days according to the BBC forecast.

On top of the icy and snowy showers on Wednesday, Britain could be hit by a “very deep cyclone”.

BBC meteorologist Chris Fawkes noted We have very windy weather on the way, which is all down to Storm Atiya racing towards the British isles.

He said: “It will bring localised, short-lived, ferocious gusts of wind.”

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