Bette Midler calls Trump 'a PIG' and mocks his '$70,000 haircut' in wild rant during presidential debate against Biden

BETTE Midler called President Donald Trump "a pig" and mocked his "$70,000 haircut" in a wild rant during the 2020 presidential debate against Joe Biden.

The 74-year-old singer's series of complaints arose throughout the "s**tshow debate" between Democratic nominee Biden and President Trump in Cleveland, Ohio.

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The fiery 90-minute debate featured a fierce shouting between the two candidates, where the president often spoke over Biden and even clashed with moderator Chris Wallace.

Biden also repeatedly insulted President Trump.

The heated debate prompted Midler – a longtime vocal critic of the president – to share her thoughts on social media.

Before the debate came to a close, Midler wrote to Twitter: "I would have done a mic drop and walked off.

"Trump is a pig.

She explained: "They absolutely should have a kill switch on the microphone or there's no reason to do this again. That was disgraceful."

About 20 minutes into the debate, Biden told Trump "Will you shut up man."

His comment came after constant bickering and interrupting by the president.

Earlier in the night, Midler angrily responded to a tweet by Lauren Ingraham, which read: "Biden seems to interrupt with impunity."

Midler wrote: "How dare you? How dare you? Are you trying to tell us we didn’t see and hear DonaldTrump interrupt #JOEBIDEN incessantly and talk over him the entire night?

"You should be ashamed to have cast your lot with such a destructive, vicious rat-man."

Midler's Tuesday night rant began as she urged Joe to “take off the gloves."

She tweeted: “Slug him hard a few times, for the 206,000 dead AND the living, for all the fallen soldiers he’s maligned, for all the innocent people he’s called rapists, for #PuertoRico, for women, for the planet, burning in front of our eyes, and for the future.”

Hours later, she tweeted: "What we saw tonight is not…a $70,000 hairdo."

Midler also drastically compared President Trump and former Vice President Biden.

“Donald Trump is utterly disgusting and Chris Wallace is a wuss," she explained.

“Joe Biden is a gentleman. Too bad, when dealing with a cornered rat.”

Earlier this month, Midler branded the president as a "cancer on our country" after reports claimed Trump referred to fallen US soldiers as "losers."

Her comments came just one week after she was called a "racist" – amid backlash for mocking the First Lady Melania Trump's speaking skills during the Republican National Convention.

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