Biden fan ‘filmed tackling Trump supporter in terrifying fight’ at Dem Georgia rally

THIS is the shocking moment a Joe Biden fan tackled a Trump supporter in a terrifying fight during a Democratic rally.

Tensions ran high during Biden’s Georgia visit on Tuesday, when one of his fans allegedly attacked a pro-Trump counter protester in a small town.

The video of the incident emerged on Twitter and was reportedly shared by user called AlliB77, who described herself as an “unapologetic conservative.”

On the day of his campaign event at Mountain Top Inn & Resort, which is located between Pine Mountain and Warm Springs, Biden fans can be seen holding placards nearby.

The shocking footage showed one of them lunging towards a Trump supporter.

"You stay away from him!" yelled a woman, who later identified herself as the man's mother. "I will f***ing hurt you! He has autism – he [the other man] started it."

During this time, the man who is apparently her son screamed "b****, I will f*** you up!" at the Trump counter protesters.

A MAGA supporter then puts him in a chokehold before tossing him to the ground as another pro-Biden demonstrator tries to break up the scuffle.

“This is peaceful!” someone yelled. “We’ve got enough violence. This is peaceful.”

But the woman becomes even more irate, claiming the Trump supporter had mocked the man, who she identified as her son.

“You want to talk about my boy?” she raged. “You want to call my boy a retard? I will slap the god damn taste out of your mouth."

“Let me tell you something you aborted b*****d … ” she adds, before turning around and walking away.

The ruckus kicked off on the same day the former Vice President made a campaign stop in The Peach State.

"I saw the fight online but that would be outside my jurisdiction," said Warm Springs Police Department Chief Jason Smith, who told The Sun the fight didn't occur within the city limits.

The Sun has contacted Harris County Sheriff Mike Jolley for comment.

Local media outlets reported that the scuffle highlighted the growing tensions between Biden and Trump's campaigns as the election looms.

WBRL noted that only a few supporters were allowed in to hear Biden's speech while journalists were not allowed in to his event in Warm Springs, event.

Trump's Dem rival later hosted a drive-in event at Cellairis Amphitheatre at Lakewood in Atlanta during his visit to the battleground state.

During Biden's Warm Springs visit, a local EMT told WBRL that she supports everything Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris "stand for."

"I’m a woman, my rights, the LGBTQ community, just their economic plan, their health care plan," said Jaime Quincy.

"I was on Obama care when I wasn’t making a ton of money. And it helped me a lot.

"I believe in the health care plan that they have, and environmentally speaking, they have an excellent environmental plan, too,”

For local retiree Connie Perry, it was the fact that Biden "knows the political arena."

"And he’s a likable person you don’t hear him bashing and calling names and making fun of people," she added. "So, those are the things that drew me."

But Trump's campaign have insisted that Biden doesn't back law enforcement in the USA as protests rage after police fatally shot Walter Wallace Jr in Philadelphia on Monday.

The president and his fans also claimed that Biden is "corrupt" after the the "Ukraine, crack, sex" scandal about his son Hunter Biden emerged.

The latest clash between Biden fans and MAGA supporters in GA comes after "Antifa demonstrators" reportedly punched a pro-Trump protester's teeth out and pelted him with rocks in San Francisco, California.

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