Biden officials 'tried to block pics' of migrant kids in ‘cages’ being revealed as Cruz exposes 'human suffering'

REPUBLICAN senators claim a Joe Biden official urged them to delete photos they took of an overcrowded migrant facility at the southern border. 

This happened as Senator Ted Cruz and 18 of his GOP colleagues inspected a shelter in Donna, Texas, which is at more than 700 percent capacity as illegal crossings into the United States surge. 

Indiana Senator Mike Braun told The Washington Examiner a Biden aide, who accompanied the group on the tour, told them to wipe photos of the distressing conditions kids were being kept in. 

He said: "There was one of Biden's representatives. I felt sorry for the lady because she actually talked to me about deleting a picture, but by the time she got to me, all those other pictures were taken, and that shows you the hypocrisy."

Border Patrol officials inside the shelter also urged against taking photographs.

Braun added: "They were telling us that because they had to."

Biden officials, who previously promised “transparency”, have refused to let reporters into the overcrowded Donna facility.

I felt sorry for the lady because she actually talked to me about deleting a picture, but by the time she got to me, all those other pictures were taken

But the Republicans refused to delete the images — instead sharing their images to social media,

Cruz and the other Republicans condemned conditions at the Donna facility as "inhumane".

Speaking to Fox News today, Cruz said: "It’s the worst I have ever seen. It is a full-blown crisis.

"Just today the Biden administration has over 16,000 children in custody. We went and toured the Biden cages.

"For four years we heard the Democrats and the media talking about kids in cages under president Trump.


"Joe Biden has built more cages, the cages are bigger and more full.   

"Many Democrats like to pretend their open border policies are somehow humane — there is nothing humane about what Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are doing at the border."

He also tweeted images showing this, saying: "These are the pictures the Biden administration doesn’t want the American people to see.

"This is why they won’t allow the press. This is the CBP facility in Donna, Texas.

"This is a humanitarian and a public health crisis."

It comes after the Biden administration rolled back tough Trump-era immigration policies, sparking a huge surge of people crossing the border.

A video Cruz posted on Twitter shows thousands of children sitting on the floor of a tented building huddling under mylar blankets as the camera spans past rooms labeled by numbers.

CBP facilities are currently at capacity under coronavirus protocol, and the Rio Grande Valley sector has even far exceeded its non-pandemic limits.

In his video captured from the bank of the Rio Grande River, Cruz claimed to be watching human traffickers as they attempted to smuggle migrants across the water into the US.

"That's Mexico right over there, and you can see there are three smugglers right there," Cruz says in clip, "standing on the Mexico side looking at us."

Those smugglers, Cruz claimed, were taunting the senators in addition to nearby CBP agents.

While the image is hard to make out, voices are heard calling out in the background of the footage.

A few flashes of light are also visible, which Cruz claims are the smugglers' flashlights.

In a second clip, Cruz offered a more detailed account of what he and his cohort of fellow Republicans allegedly witnessed.

"So it's past midnight and I'm standing on the shore of the Rio Grande, the water is right behind me down. I'm down on the Texas border along with 18 senators, we made the trip to see the crisis that is playing out," he begins.

"The other side of the river we have been listening to and seeing cartel members, human traffickers right on the other side of the river, waving flashlights yelling and taunting Americans, taunting the Border Patrol, because they know that under the current policy the Biden administration, they can flood over here."

Cruz blasted Biden's reversal of several strict Trump-era immigration policies as being the cause of the surge.

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