Biden's new stimulus plan would send parents $300 per month for each child

FAMILIES could get $300 per child every month thanks to a tax credit increase proposed in a Democratic stimulus plan.

Senior Democratic lawmakers are drafting legislation that would direct the Internal Revenue Service to send recurring monthly payments to tens of millions of American households. 

The IRS would look to deposit checks worth $300 every month per child younger than six and $250 every month per child aged between six and 17. 

This would give parents $3,000 per year for each child between the ages of six to 17, and $3,600 per child under age six.

With the initial change thought to last for a year, lawmakers are hoping to push and make them permanent, a Democratic aide reported to CNN. 

Under the plan, the IRS would send these payments in a similar way the $1,200 stimulus payments were dispatched. 

It is thought that taxpayers would not have to wait until they file their taxes to receive the benefit and would still get it if they owe the government tax.

Biden has asked the Treasury Department to take steps to expand and improve the delivery of the stimulus checks, such as setting up online tools for claiming payments.

The $1,400 stimulus check will be added to the $600 checks previously approved by Congress.

The newly sworn in President has unveiled a $1.9 trillion stimulus package, and will sign two orders to ease the burden on Americans until legislation is passed in Congress.

Earlier this month, Biden revealed that he was intending to send a third $1,400 stimulus check to Americans as part of the package.

One senior Democratic aide said: "This will have more collective buy-in if a broader swath of the population directly receives the payment."

The $1,400 stimulus check will be added to the $600 checks previously approved by Congress.

"Many Americans faced challenges receiving the first round of direct payments and as many as eight million eligible households did not receive the payments issued in March," a White House fact sheet said.

The news comes after Senator Bernie Sanders vowed to pass the Covid stimulus bill costing $1.9 trillion with a Democrat ''reconciliation'' vote without GOP support.

Democrats are planning to provide a coronavirus relief package via the special process that allows for a 51 majority vote, rather than the normal 60 votes needed to advance legislation.

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