Bill Clinton appears to fall asleep during Joe Biden’s inauguration speech

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Former President Bill Clinton appeared to be nodding off during Wednesday’s inauguration ceremony for President Joe Biden.

Brief video clips posted online show Clinton, 74, with his eyes shut when a TV camera cut to him during Biden’s inaugural address outside the US Capitol.

“Bill Clinton is absolutely asleep,” a male voice said in a cellphone recording of CBS News’ broadcast posted by Twitter user @the_lunarfather.

A similar recording, of TV coverage by the BBC, was also posted on YouTube with the title “Bill Clinton Falling Asleep At Presidential Inauguration.”

“They zooming in on Bill Clinton sleep, like he doesn’t always be sleeping…the man old,” tweeted @zazajbaby.

Clinton was seated next to his wife, Hillary Clinton, and near former President George Bush and former Vice President Mike Pence — none of whom appeared to need any shuteye.

Biden, who is 78, is the oldest person ever sworn in as president of the US.

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