Bill Cosby lashes out at the media in Thanksgiving Day Twitter rant

Bill Cosby unleashed series of tweets last Thursday aimed at the media during the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday.

Cosby began his Twitter rant by wishing his followers a “Happy Thanksgiving” while referring to himself as “Bill Cosby The Educator” and “Bill Cosby The Political Prisoner.”

“Happy Thanksgiving & be thankful for the Native Americans. Yours truly, The Educator & The Political Prisoner,” Cosby tweeted with the hashtags #HappyThanksgiving, #BeThankfulForTheNativeAmericans, #BillCosbyTheEducator, #BillCosbyThePoliticalPrisoner and #FarFromFinished.

The next tweet read, “It’s #BlackFriday, so lets spend our dollars with #BlackPressUSA & all Black media outlets that propel the truth and the facts, not Fake News. The truth is in the pudding, this week Black Press USA proved its power and relevance to the world.”

Cosby posted a follow-up tweet shortly after, writing: “No longer should we succumb to the fear of many mainstream media outlets like Associated Press, CNN, NBC, New York Times, Washington Post & Radar Online just to name a few. Black Friday+Black People = BlackPressUSA. #InvestInBlackPress #BlackPressEqualsTruth #BlackPressEqualsFacts.”

Cosby attached a link to his first interview since he was sentenced to a state prison.

The interview was conducted by Black Press USA and Cosby told the outlet that he’s prepared to serve his 10-year maximum sentence for sexual assault, rather than show remorse for a crime the comedian says he didn’t commit.

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