Bill Maher pushes back at panelist who says all Trump voters are racists

Real Time’ host Bill Maher slapped back at the suggestion that all 70 million Americans who voted are President Trump are “racists” and “tribalists.”

During a panel discussion about the election on Maher’s HBO program Friday night, Malcolm Nance, an MSNBC contributor and former US Navy senior chief petty officer, echoed his colleagues from the liberal cable station.

“They have been on-air saying this: These people have revealed themselves for the racists that they are, the tribalists that they are, they don’t care about “E Pluribus Unum, ‘from many, one,’ they care about ‘got mine and, you know, you shouldn’t get anything of yours,’” Nance said.

Nance doubled down. “They voted for this consciously, knowing what Donald Trump stood for, for the last four years,” he said. “They know him.

“It’s almost a level of fanaticism that I’ve only seen in cult groups and Middle East terrorist groups.”

In another segment, Nance referred to the caravans of Trump supporters seen on highways in the run-up to the election as “Vanilla ISIS.”

Maher, long a Trump Twitter target, countered that exit polls showed that Trump increased his support among black voters.

“Trump did a lot better with the black vote than he did last time,” Maher said. Nance questioned how well the exit polls reflected reality, given the large amount of mail-in ballots.

The other panelist, Rosa Brooks, a Georgetown law professor disagreed with Nance’s take, blaming the type of media that many of the president’s supporters consume.

“I think he’s a terrible leader, but I don’t think that it’s terrible that there’s diversity in the Black community. Or in any community,” the host said.

In this closing monologue, Maher said that if the country is to come together, people have to “stop seeing each other as deplorable.” He had expressed a similar sentiment last week.

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