Billions for Scots as Boris Johnson 'plans spending spree in desperate attempt to save the Union'

BORIS Johnson is planning on spending billions of pounds on Scottish infrastructure in a desperate bid to save the Union, according to reports.

The PM is set to unveil a strategy to fight Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP amid growing concerns that the party could call a new independence referendum following next week's election. 

Plans could include a spending spree on Scottish road and rail links as well as student exchanges between UK nations, the Sunday Telegraph reports. 

Matt Hancock, the Health secretary, is also working on plans to treat Scottish patients in English hospitals to tackle a huge backlog caused by the coronavirus pandemic.   

It comes amid fears that nationalists could win a majority in the Scottish Parliament next week – and call a referendum without the consent of the British government. 

Mr Johnson will also meet with senior cabinet ministers to finalise a strategic response to Thursday’s vote. 

The SNP are expected to make large gains in Scotland with one senior government source warning the result could be “bloody awful”. 

Another minister told the Telegraph the nationalists saw the parliamentary election as “a referendum on a referendum”, adding: “There is no room for complacency. 

“We are in a bare knuckle fight.”

Meanwhile, another Tory source urged Scots to prioritise voting for unionist parties – regardless of whether they were Labour, Lib Dem or Conservative. 

It is hoped that, should the SNP fail to win a majority of the vote, the case for unilaterally calling a second referendum would collapse. 

Michael Gove, the cabinet office minister, has been put in charge of a special Downing Street unit tasked with saving the Union. 

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