Black man argues with cops after asking 'are you going to kill me like Ma'Khia Bryant'

A BLACK man got into a heated row with cops after confronting them and asking "are you going to kill me like Ma'Khia Bryant?".

The argument erupted in Washington DC just days after the 16-year-old was shot dead by police in Columbus, Ohio.

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The man filming asked a group of cops standing around a car if they were going to kill him "like they did Ma'Khia" – to which an officer responded: "You going to stab somebody like her?".

Clearly angered by the cop's remark, the man fired back: "No, but she called y'all for help. F**k you talking about."

The clash was caught on camera and posted on TikTok, where is has been viewed thousands of times, with more than 3,000 commenting on it.

Many pointed out that Ma'Khia didn't stab anyone, while other defended the officer and said he was "completely right".

It's not clear whether the man had been stopped by police or whether it was a conversation as he passed by – but Metropolitan Police Department are looking into it.

It comes after Ma'Khia was fatally shot by a cop moments before Derek Chauvin was found guilty on all counts in the death of George Floyd on Tuesday.

Video showed the black teen appear to lunge towards another girl with a knife amid an altercation before being shot multiple times by a cop, identified as Nicholas Reardon.

According to Ma'Khia’s aunt Hazel Bryant, who spoke to the Columbus Dispatch, her niece reportedly lived in a foster home on Legion Lane and got into an argument with someone else.

She claims that the teenager dropped the knife prior to being shot by police.

Reardon has been criticized for not using different methods to disarm the teen and de-escalate the situation instead of using a firearm. 

But use-of-force expert Seth Stoughton saying that the cop who fatally shot Ma’Khia had no other option but to use deadly force.

“With the caveat that I only know what is shown on the video, I don’t see any clear options or alternatives that were available to the officer,” Stoughton told the Dispatch.

Meanwhile, Ma'Khia biological mom Paula Bryant has demanded answers, and believes the foster family system failed her and is looking to sue.

The family has already started the process of consulting with an attorney and plans on moving forward to take legal action.

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