B&M fury after young lad wounded by sharp ‘tool’ poking out of sofa cushion

A young boy was playing superheroes with his brother when he was wounded by a sharp "tool" poking out from inside a sofa cushion.

Leo Gomez, five, was playing with his brother Lucas, three, and had piled up the cushions to leap on when he cried out, "the cushion hurt me".

His mother Tania Ferreira, 31, rushed over to investigate and found a pointy object inside the cushion, which had been bought from B&M.

She said: "I don't know what it was, it was huge, it was bigger than a screwdriver and obviously we were shocked.

"We just thought it was the zipper, especially because it was a scratch on his leg."

She rushed to the branch where she had bought the cushions to complain but was disappointed when she was directed to the manufacturer.

Tania said: "Everyone shops at B&M and now it's kind of put me off, I was a frequent customer before.

"They didn't want to be responsible for the situation they wanted to pass it on to someone else – it's just taking accountability.

"I'm their customer and they should be dealing with me, I shouldn't be put forward to whoever their suppliers are."

She purchased six new B&M brand cushions for £50, which Leo and Lucas were playing with on the morning of December 30.

Tania added: "They were jumping on the sofa being superheroes and he landed on the cushion, and he was just screaming."

When the mum went over to inspect, she saw a huge scratch down his right thigh.

She and her partner, Hugo Gomez, 30, then inspected the cushions to find the source of the scratch.

She said: "My partner realised that something was poking out of the cushion. He took the cover and there it was, a metal tool sticking out.

"We were absolutely shocked it could have severely hurt my son."

When making a complaint to B&M, she was directed to their head office – who passed her over to the manufacturer.

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The manufacturer explained that the tool was used to stuff cushions and had been left there by "human error".

Tania said: "It's a massive tool, if you're stuffing cushions and all of a sudden your tool went missing wouldn't you report it?".

The manufacturer offered her a £100 Next voucher for Leo to use as compensation, which she accepted, but when Tania returned to B&M to demand a refund, the shop refused and instead offered her a voucher for the store.

She said: "If the cushion is faulty why would I want a voucher?

"It's just not on – they completely disregarded me and they said you have to deal with manufacturers."

A spokesperson for B&M said: "We take the safety of our shoppers as an utmost priority and have conducted a full investigation, alongside the manufacturer.

"We have spoken directly to Tania and resolved the matter to her satisfaction."

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