Body of 6-year-old Willa Rawlings recovered after Thanksgiving flood

The body of one of the three children who drowned in a flooded Arizona creek last month was recovered Friday, according to a new report.

Authorities unearthed the corpse of 6-year-old Willa Rawlings from the Roosevelt Lake area, about 80 miles outside of Phoenix — two weeks after she was swept away in the surging Tonto Creek.

Rawlings was inside a military-type truck along with her parents and six other children from the family on Black Friday when they attempted to cross over the creek, and the flood carried their vehicle away, CBS News reported. 

Cops found the vehicle submerged in the creek, and a man and four children stranded on a small island. A woman was found on the creek bank.

Two other Rawlings children, Willa’s brother Colby, 5, and cousin Austin, 5, were also killed in the flood. Their bodies were found on Nov. 30.

Hundreds of volunteers assisted authorities in the search for the Rawlings kids, after the state was hit torrential rain during Thanksgiving weekend.

“We express love and gratitude for volunteers who gave up their time to find her,” Willa’s grandmother, Trudy Rawlings told CBS Phoenix affiliate, KPHO. “We believe in the power of prayer. We prayed that we would be at peace.”

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