Bojo ‘spent £58k on flat’ but craft queen says it could be done on the cheap

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has come under fire this week for his flat renovation cost, believed to have been at least £58,000.

But your Daily Star was on hand to show bungling Bozo how he could make his own fancy ornaments as just a snip of the cost.

We recruited Gemma Pharo, founder of craft company Postcards for the Apocalypse, who put together these three objects using household items.

Gilded by the light

A candlestick holder for when Bozo is burning the candle at both ends… not on official business.

Items needed: Cardboard, waste paper, masking tape, scissors, newspaper, flour, water, large bowl, candle, optional drinks bottle.

Method: Use scissors to cut two shapes from the cardboard, for the base of your candle holder. Then, take your waste paper and wrap it tightly around your candle. Use the masking tape to hold the paper in place.

Next, remove your candle and use masking tape to attach both the base and wax catcher to the waste paper tube. Set this aside. Take a large bowl and mix one part flour and one part water, mix to form a paste.

Set aside, and tear the newspaper into strips. Place them in the mixture until soaked through, then take them and cover your candle holder – you can also use a drinks bottle as a candle holder using the same method, as Gemma has done in the video.

Once you have covered the candle holder on all sides and it's nice and thick, set aside to dry. Allow eight hours or overnight to fully dry and you’re ready to paint – we suggest gold.

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Better plate than never

A decorative plate for Carrie to hurl at Bozo if he doesn’t do what she says.

Items needed: Newspaper, water, large bowl, small plate or bowl, cornflour, white adhesive, paint in a colour of your choice, stickers, gems, glitter or other decorations

Method: Cut the newspaper into strips. Soak this in water overnight. Remove the water and add cornflour to the paper. Add white adhesive to the mix. Then, mix this to make a dough.

Take this dough and wrap it on the base of a small plate or bowl. Leave it to dry for a few hours, and then carefully so that you don’t break it, remove it from the plate.

Paint this, then leave it to dry and add any decorations such as stickers or gems that you like.

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Boxing too clever by half

A trinket box for Bozo to hide his secrets.

Items needed: Cardboard box, cardboard, white glue, aluminum foil, dried beans such as coffee beans, paint brush, black acrylic paint, mod podge finishing glue.

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Method: Mix the white glue and water. Cut a smaller piece of cardboard, then glue to the top of the box. Apply glue all around the edges of this smaller bit of cardboard.

Place the beans into the glue in a design of your choice, then let it dry. Crumple some foil, then smooth it out flat. Brush glue onto the box and spread the foil over the glue.

Smooth the foil all over the bumps, then brush black paint all over the foil, and paint the inside of the box black. Use a paper towel to wipe off the paint on the outside of the box for a rustic look. If you like, cover the If you like, cover the box with finishing glue.

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