Boy, 4, threatens to 'punch Boris Johnson in the face' if lockdown is extended after learning he can't go swimming

THIS is the hilarious moment a feisty four-year-old threatened to 'punch Boris Johnson in the face' if lockdown is extended.

Mum Harmony Brandon filmed Marley's furious rant after he learned his swimming lessons have been cancelled by England's third national shutdown.

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Harmony, 25 and of Essex, said the video has gone viral after it struck a chord with Brits feeling exactly the same way as her son.

The footage – which shows an angry Marley saying he'd like to fight 'Boris Bohnson' – has already had more than 30,000 views on TikTok.

The schoolboy says: "Hello Boris Bohnson.

"If you get one more lockdown – my mum told me you’re doing lockdowns for weeks now – I am going round your house to punch you, and bite you, and punch you in the face."

He told the PM he'd "like to fight" him before adding: "Bye lockdown, Boris Bohnson."

Harmony, a stay-at-home mum, said Marley had desperately wanted to go swimming – but she had to explain that the swimming pool was closed because of the lockdown.

"Marley had asked me if we could go swimming," she said.

"I told him unfortunately Boris had put us in lockdown for another few weeks so he said, 'Right mum, can I send Boris a video please?'.

"I was shocked and not overly impressed with his aggressiveness but inside, I understood his frustration and anger at being stuck inside."

Harmony and her partner Alex, 28, re-watched the footage of Marley later that evening and "couldn’t stop laughing".

"I was the only one present when he was filmed," she said.

"I didn't laugh at all during or after this video, apart from when I re-watched it later that evening when he was in bed. 

"Marley is a very funny, enthusiastic and loving boy. He has a dry sense of humour and he is very active and full of energy.

"He definitely says what he thinks and is still learning about how to word things and have a filter when saying them.

"I think because he's so frustrated and fed up with the lockdowns and not being able to see his friends and family he had just had enough – and he sees Boris as the only person to blame.

"Me and Alex have both explained to him that Boris is doing his best, but we feel his frustration.

"I definitely think a lot of people will be feeling exactly the same and will be able to relate and see the funny light-hearted side of this frustrated four-year-old little boy."

Under the shutdown, people in England have been told to stay at home unless it's for essential reasons, including exercise.

And little Marley isn't the only one upset about the closure of pools.

Swim England chief executive Jane Nickerson called the news a "hammer blow" when the lockdown began.

“We clearly don’t want to see pools closing and it’s so very upsetting that are we faced with this extremely distressing situation once again," she said.

“We will continue to keep fighting for pools to be classed as essential services and exempt from any future restrictions."

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