Boy racers caught on camera hours before crash that killed girl, 17

Teenage drivers race each other on wrong side of road in shocking dashcam video hours before crash that killed 17-year-old schoolgirl passenger and saw them jailed for five years each

  • Schoolgirl Olivia Alkir, 17, was killed in crash in Denbighshire, north Wales 
  • Driver of red Ford Fiesta, 17, ignored passengers’ screams to slow down 
  • ‘No thrill is worth this amount of pain’ say Olivia’s parents 
  • Fiesta driver, 17, and KA driver Thomas Henry Quick, are jailed for five years each

Harrowing footage shows two boy racers speeding around the roads of north Wales, hours before one would cause a fatal crash.

Thomas Henry Quick, 18, and a 17-year-old who cannot be named, can be seen using the roads as a racetrack in their Ford KA and Ford Fiesta, as a driver behind them comments ‘they are going to die’ last June.

Tragedy struck hours later when the Ford Fiesta, reaching speeds of up to 80mph on the wrong side of the road, smashed head on into an oncoming Mercedes.

 Olivia Alkir was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash on the B5105 between Clawddnewydd and Ruthin on June 27 and four people suffered life-changing injuries.   

Last week, the boy racers were jailed for five years for causing death and serious injury by dangerous driving.

Mold Crown Court heard how the 17-year-old, who had only passed his test the day before, ignored his passenger’s screams for him to slow down in the minutes before the crash.

Drivers behind Quick and the unnamed 17-year-old feared they would drive past a ‘burning wreck’ as they watched their friends race along the roads in north Wales. Hours later both cars would be involved in a crash that would kill Olivia Alkir and leave four others with life changing injuries

Llandudno Magistrates Court heard the 17-year-old at the wheel of the Ford Fiesta was driving erratically as it was his ‘window of opportunity’ before having a black box installed in his new car the following day

Two other teenage girls were inside the car. 

He was using his ‘window of opportunity’ to race his car as it was due to be fitted with a black box the next day to limit its speed, the court heard.    

Joanna and Mesut Alkir, heartbroken parents to Olivia, paid a moving tribute to their ‘beautiful and vibrant’ daughter after the sentencing hearing.

It said: ‘Olivia’s death and the life changing injuries inflicted on the other victims were a tragedy that should never have happened.

‘This was not a random accident.

‘This was a calamity caused by the reckless and criminal actions of two young men who played Russian roulette with the lives of their passengers and other road users, which resulted in taking a life and causing severe injuries to four other innocent people.

It added: ‘No thrill is worth this amount of pain. 

Olivia Alkir (pictured) was one of three teenage girls in the red Ford Fiesta driven by a 17-year-old who cannot be named for legal reasons. Magistrates heard the driver ignored passengers’ screams to slow down in the moments before the head-on crash

Thomas Henry Quick, 18,  was jailed for five years for his part in the fatal crash that claimed the life of Olivia Alkir, 17. Dashcam footage shows Quick egging on his 17-year-old friend as they race along roads in north Wales 

‘Therefore this needs to be a lesson for all of us as a community, for all parents, guardians and relatives of young drivers to educate them about the consequences of dangerous driving.

‘And to properly understand the responsibility they have for innocent lives when driving.

‘The best gift that anyone could give us would be to make sure that this never happens again. Let that be Olivia’s legacy.’ 

Dashcam footage taken from a friend’s car hours before the fatal smash shows the reckless pair speeding along a 60mph stretch of road and Quick put his arm out of the KA’s window to encourage the 17-year-old.

A friend in the car behind was heard to say ‘They are racing for f**** sake’   

He later adds: ‘We are going to drive past a burning wreck.’  

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