Boy ripped apart by savage dogs while mum got drunk on vodka with friend

A young boy in Russia has died in a vicious dog attack after his mother allegedly left him to go and drink vodka with a friend.

The boy's mother has been arrested by Russian police who they suspect abandoned him to see in the New Year on a drinking spree with a pal.

Reports say the unnamed mum-of-three had visited her friend who has a dog kennels in the town of Ivanteevka in the Moscow Oblast region on December 31.

Police have not publically named the mother and her child, but officers are referring to the boy only by his first name of Maxim.

A statement released by the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation on the Moscow region said that the mother and the owner of the kennel had left the children to feed the dogs.

On January 2, Maxim was set upon once he opened the door to one of the kennels.

At that point, a pack of dogs including Alabai, a massive breed also known as the Central Asian Shepherd Dog, and German Shepherds, brutally attacked the child, leaving him with sickening injuries.

The Alabai traditionally used to protect livestock or as a guard dog is regarded as a band dog breed in Denmark.

Police said the boy who was not named suffered horrific injuries which included having his face torn off and they also tore off one of his hands.

When officers arrived, they found vodka bottles strewn over the floor of the house, and the mother so drunk that she still did not understand what had happened to her son.

It was not revealed whether the father was at the drinking session and what the relationship was between the woman and the owner of the kennels in the statement by Moscow police investigators.

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