Brian Laundrie sleuths claim mom wore cap to throw police off scent as furious cop says 'who does that, right?'

BRIAN Laundrie’s mom wore a baseball cap and drove his car after he vanished to throw cops off the scent, sleuths claim.

Cops have admitted they confused Laundrie with mom Roberta but have questioned why she was driving his car in the first place when they were hunting for him saying: “Who does that? Right?”

Five weeks after he went missing, Brian's remains were discovered in Myakkahatchee Creek park and identified from his dental records.

The mistake happened on night of September 13, while police watching the Laundrie family home through secret surveillance cameras.

That has led some to make the wild claim that she had been trying to throw cops off the scent.

“So I wonder if this was done deliberately,” said one Reddit user.

“If so, it certainly worked well. I can only pray that if my loved one is a victim of violence and the alleged perpetrator is under surveillance, it takes more than someone else (different gender and age) wearing a baseball cap to fake out the police and slip away. Justice not served!”

Writing on Twitter, another person speculated “his mom probably wanted everyone to think it was him”.

Police watching the property had witnessed Brian leave on September 11 through strategically hidden cameras, including one disguised as a trash can at a neighbor's house.

At the time, they said they could not keep him from leaving, as he was only wanted as a person of interest in the case of Gabby Petito's murder.

Surveillance cameras watching the home thought they saw Brian pull up to the property in his Ford Mustang.

But they’ve now admitted what they had really seen was his mother, Roberta Laundrie, wearing her son's baseball cap.

"I believe it was it was his mom who was wearing a baseball cap," North Port Police Department Public Information Officer Josh Taylor told WINK News on Monday.

"They had returned from the park with that Mustang. So who does that? Right?


"Like, if you think your son's missing since Tuesday, you're going to bring his car back to the home.

"So it didn't make sense that anyone would do that if he wasn't there. So the individual getting out with a baseball cap we thought was Brian."

Police are also speculating that he was already dead when the mistake happened.

Now that Brian's remains were found in the Carlton Reserve, police are also speculating that he was already dead when the mistake happened.

"There is a very good possibility that Brian was already deceased," Taylor told WFLA. "He still needed to be found."

He went on to blame the Laundries for the blunder, calling it "a direct result of a lack of cooperation from the family early on in this investigation."

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