Brian Laundrie used Gabby Petito’s water bottle to mix cocktail of deadly drugs before overdose, claim web sleuths

INTERNET sleuths wildly claimed that Brian Laundrie used Gabby Petito’s water bottle to mix a cocktail of drugs before he overdosed.

Web detectives continue to speculate how the 23-year-old may have died after the results of a preliminary autopsy came back inconclusive.

Hikers discovered a Nalgene water bottle thought to match one that belonged to Gabby– days after cops found bone fragments in the Florida wilderness.

One web sleuth said: “I don’t know why people assume the water bottle is not important. Maybe it contained an overdose of drugs mixed with water as his method of death.”

Another commented: “I think it’s important to Gabby’s case as in: it was her bottle, and Brian took it, why? He knew she wouldn’t need it anymore. He knew she was dead.”

There is no evidence that Laundrie overdosed.

There has been no confirmation that the bottle found belonged to Gabby. And, there is no evidence to support allegations that Laundrie took the vlogger’s water bottle.

A similar-looking bottle can be seen in a YouTube video that Gabby posted in mid-August

The Petito-Schmidt family attorney Richard Stafford told Fox News last week that the bottle may have been Gabby’s.

He said: “We have a picture that's from before she left for her trip. It looks like the bottle. I don't know why it would be left there. It boggles my mind."

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