Brit kidnapped and raped by gun-toting drifter in the Australian outback vows to return Down Under to start new life

A BRAVE Brit kidnapped and raped by a gun-toting drifter in the Outback has vowed to return to Australia to start a new life.

Elisha Greer, 27, drove 1,000 miles through the wilderness with a gun to her head after being kidnapped by drug-crazed Marcus Martin.

She endured a month of beatings and sex abuse at the hands of the twisted fiend while backpacking in 2017.

Martin, 27, was jailed for 10 years in 2019 but Elisha has revealed she now wants to return Down Under even though he will one day be freed.

Hairdesser Elisha, who has waived her right to anonymity, told the Mirror: “I’m not going to be broken and my life won’t be defined by what he’s done.

“I’ve always wanted to live in Australia and I’m going to do it. He’ll be free one day but I’m not afraid of him. I won’t let him rule my life."

She added: "The worst has already happened. What else can he do?"

Elisha, from Liverpool, was on a road-trip through Queensland when she met Martin in Cairns and agreed to let him tag along.

She previously revealed: "He just seemed like a nice guy, and I just chatted away to him. He seemed fun.

"He didn’t seem like a psycho, to say the least. He just seemed like a normal guy at the time."

But her adventure of a lifetime turned into a nightmare when Martin flipped before holding her captive for eight terrifying weeks.

She was only saved after an heroic petrol attendant spotted her black eyes when she stopped to buy fuel in a remote town in March 2017.

The station boss followed the 4×4 then alerted police who chased after Elisha and found Martin hidden in a secret compartment in the back.

Elisha later told The Daily Mail: "He shattered my nose so that it had to be rebuilt in hospital. The cartilage exploded out the side.

"He tried to gouge out my eyes. He smashed my legs so I could hardly walk."

Martin pleaded guilty to three counts of rape and one count of deprivation of liberty at the Cairns District Court in north Queensland in October 2018.

He also pleaded guilty to other charges, including assault occasioning bodily harm, wilful damage, and strangulation or choking.

Prosecutors dropped 10 other charges – eight of rape, one of serious cruelty to animals, and one of torture.

The court heard the pair had met at a dance party in Far North Queensland in January 2017.

However, police alleged Martin, who has tattoos on his cheeks including tear drops, then turned violent and kidnapped the young woman and held her for two months.

During the kidnapping ordeal, Martin was said to have choked his victim as he told her it was "time to go to sleep".

Prosecutors also told the court he had thrown away her birth control pills "so she would never leave him because she would have his child".

Speaking of her horrific ordeal, Elisha revealed to the Mirror: "I was petrified.

"He said he was part of a biker gang and they were worldwide and that I’d always be found wherever

"I went and that he’d order them to hurt my family if I left. He was psychotic."

Elisha says she has had two relationships since coming home to the UK but finds it hard to trust.

She said: "Sometimes I get depressed for days and the time around the anniversary is hard – but mostly I just get on with it."

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