Britney Spears promises 'vengeance' against people who've wronged her

Britney Spears promises ‘vengeance’ against people who have wronged her and says she’s ‘not afraid anymore’ after judge ended 13-year conservatorship

  • Britney Spears’s legal team said she’s no longer afraid of her father after a judge ended the 13-year-long conservatorship on Friday
  • They added that she looks forward to freedom and ‘vengeance’ as they open an investigation on how Jamie Spear’s ran the conservatorship 
  • The arrangement had been put into place following her mental breakdown in 2008 but in recent years questions were raised as to its continued existence
  • The pop star is now free to get married, have another baby, visit her two sons more often and drive her own car 

Britney Spears’s legal team said the pop singer is ready to embrace her newfound freedom and break ties with her father after a California judge ruled to end her 13-year conservatorship on Friday. 

A member of Spears’s legal team told The Sun that the ruling was only the beginning to a new chapter of Britney’s life that had been dictated by her father, Jamie Spears, since 2008.  

‘She spent years afraid of her father but she’s not afraid anymore. She’s confident and ready for vengeance and with her new team around her, that’s exactly what she is going to get,’ the legal team member said. 

‘This is only the beginning of justice for her and only the beginning of investigations into anyone who has wronged her over the years.’ 

Britney Spears celebrated the end of her 13-year conservatorship on Friday

Jamie Spears, left, had control of nearly every aspect of Britney’s life, including forcing her to be on birth control and not allowing her to get married

Matthew Rosengart, pictured in September, led the pop star’s legal team to win her freedom

Judge Brenda Penny suspended the conservatorship over Spears, 39, after a long and contentious legal battle, where the pop star and her defense team described her relationship with her father as ‘venomous, traumatizing, insane and depressing.’ 

The conservatorship allowed Jamie to control nearly all aspects of his daughter’s life and $60 million estate, including forcing her to take birth control to stop her from having a third child. 

‘In California the only similar thing to this is called sex trafficking, making anyone work, work against their will, taking all their possessions away — credit card, cash, phone, passport card — and placing them in a home where they work with the people who live with them,’ Spears told the court in June. 

Spears’s lawyer, Mathew Rosengart, vowed to investigate Jamie’s conduct as Britney’s conservator for any wrong-doing. 

Now a free woman, Britney said she has plans to marry her fiancé, Sam Asghari, 27, and have a baby together with him. 

Britney is pictured with her fiance Sam as they celebrate the end of her conservatorship

The two are preparing to get married as Britney said she wanted to start a family with him

Jamie Spears was recently pictured at a lumber yard a day after losing conservatorship 

‘I was told right now in the conservatorship, I’m not able to get married or have a baby. I have an IUD inside of myself right now so I don’t get pregnant. I wanted to take the IUD out so I could start trying to have another baby.’ 

Spears is the mother of two teenage sons – Sean Preston, 16, and Jayden James, 15, with ex-husband Kevin Federline. He has full custody of their boys. 

She met Asghari, a 27-year-old Iranian-born actor and personal trainer, in 2016, when she cast him for the video of her song Slumber Party.

Spears has already teased photos of her in what appeared to be a wedding dress on Instagram, and confirmed that Donatella Versace was working on her outfit for the big day.

‘No … this is not my wedding dress – bahahah !!!!’ she captioned the picture.

‘Donatella Versace is making my dress as we speak.’

Asghari, who operates the Asghari Fitness company, has been a vocal defendant of his fiancé and previously slammed her father for opposing their plans to marry. 

Sam Asghari, an actor and personal trainer, has been a vocal supporter of his fiancé 

Asghari was spotted stopping by a Chase bank after the conservatorship over Spears ended 

‘I have zero respect for someone trying to control our relationship and constantly throwing obstacles in our way,’ Asghari had said in a now deleted Instagram post. 

Spears’s defense team had used her engagement with Asghari to argue the end of the conservatorship as Jamie would have had input on the couple’s prenuptial agreement to protect their assets, The New York Times reported. 

Along with starting a new life with Asghari, Spears now has control to schedule visits to see her two children, live in whatever house she chooses and drive her own car. 

Last month, Spears and Asghari were spotted house hunting, looking at a $16.5 million mansion in the upscale Hidden Hills neighborhood in Calabasas.

The singer is pictured with her teenage sons, Sean Preston, 16, and 15-year-old Jayden James

Spears, 39, is now allowed to drive herself wherever she wants – a freedom she relishes

The house is currently owned by makeup mogul Jeffree Star and other residents include Drake, the Kardashians and Miley Cyrus.

The house, purchased by Star in 2019 for $14.6 million, has seven bedrooms, 13 bathrooms and boasts sweeping views of the Southern California hills.

She is also free to make her own financial and legal decisions and decide when and where she performs, or if she even wants to.   

Spears will also likely now be the subject of a massive bidding war, with television producers and documentary directors all vying to be the ones who sit down with her for her first interview.

‘By just keeping the conservatorship going and also keeping my dad in the loop made me feel like I was dead,’ she said in June.

The end of the conservatorship, fans and supporters hope, will see her begin a new life.

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