Burglar caught after he left his DNA on a block of cheese

A greedy burglar was snared when his DNA was discovered on a stolen block of cheese.

Jamie Simmonds, 29, targeted his ex-girlfriend’s mum’s house in a “revenge attack”, a court heard.

But the labourer left behind a trail of cheese crumbs as he made off with the Red Leicester.

Forensics analysed them and found Simmonds’s DNA on the cheese.

The raid was directed at his ex Molly Patterson, Cardiff crown court heard.

Prosecutor Rachel Knight said: “This is a revenge attack as he wasn’t getting the attention he wanted from Molly.

“There’s an element of targeting, of planning, and he was in dispute with the family.”

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Ms Patterson’s mum Lynn slept through the raid in Llanedeyrn. She woke to find cheese and glass on the floor.

Molly said in a victim impact statement: “I feel guilty. I’m sorry this has happened to my mother.”

Simmonds, of Canton, got 16 months’ jail and a restraining order from contacting the family.

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