Cat discovers owner’s pet cam while home alone – and is very confused

A cat owner who wanted to spy on their feline while away at work bought a pet cam – and Reddit users were in stitches at the result.

The camera appears to be set up in the hallway and the not-so-secret secret surveillance system is quickly discovered by the tabby cat, Beans, who stares right downs the lens.

With a curious look, Beans the cat follows the camera as it moves from side to side and tentatively hits it with his paw.

Reddit user u/gigglebush88 shared the clip on Monday (March 20) with the caption: "Looks like my cat Beans found the pet cam I set up to spy on him from work."

Since then, it has been up-voted more than 16,000 times and received dozens of comments.

One user said: "Cats holding up their paws ready to swat at something is my favorite thing in the world."

A second joked: "Should I slap this thing? Can it slap me back?"

Someone else admitted: "That's what I was waiting for, the massive swat. Human needs to find a better spot to hide camera now."

"Cat posts on Reddit, 'Found this electronic device around the house, are my tenants spying on me?'" joked another user.

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It is believed cats are better at detecting cameras, including those with infrared light, better than many other animals but the reason is not clear.

There are many videos online of pet owners being caught out by their moggies who spot and try to destroy home CCTV.

In one video, a black cat discovered a home pet camera only to jump out of its skin when the device suddenly moved.

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