Charles Koch Vows To Hold GOP Accountable, Says Trump's Trade Policies Could Cause Recession

The Kochs say they are willing to support anyone who agrees with their free market, free trade policies, regardless of their political affiliation.

Famous American businessman, and political donor, Charles Koch, vowed to hold Republicans who have failed to adhere to conservative values accountable, The Hill reports.

Speaking at a Koch network gathering at a luxury resort in Colorado Springs today, the influential billionaire said the following.

“I regret some of the [lawmakers] we have supported … we’re gonna more directly deal with that and hold people accountable.”

As the Inquisitr reported yesterday, Donald Trump, his trade policies in particular, have been a target of criticism at this weekend’s Koch network gathering, which comes just 100 days before the midterms. Brian Hooks, president of the Charles Koch Foundation and Charles Koch Institute, and a spokesman for the Kochs, James Davis, addressed the audience yesterday, remarking that Donald Trump is “hurting the American people,” and “causing divisiveness.”

Charles Koch seems to have taken things one step further. In his opinion, although the GOP has been touting economic growth ahead of the midterm election, Trump’s trade policies could crater the American economy, causing a full-blown recession.

This, however, “depends on the degree” of Trump’s trade war, Charles Koch said, which, “if severe enough,” could send the economy into a recession.

While addressing the audience, the billionaire also showed a video, The Hill noted, warning against Donald Trump’s protectionist policies. The Koch network has, however, worked with the Trump administration.

“We agree with some things and we disagree with others,” the conservative political donor said, referring to his network’s collaboration with Donald Trump’s administration on the issues of drug reform, tax cuts, and criminal justice reform.

While Trump and Koch may agree on some things and disagree on others, the political network backed by Koch brothers has, as the Washington Post reported in June, launched a multi-million, multi-year campaign meant to oppose and resist Trump’s protectionist policies.

The announcement came only days after the POTUS announced levies on steel and aluminium imported from American allies: Canada, and the European Union. The Kochs vowed to resist and oppose Trump through lobbying, and various forms of activism.

Much like today, when Charles Koch vowed to hold the Republican Party accountable, the announcement demonstrated what NBC News referred to as a “simmering division” among Republicans, who seem to remain torn and divided over Trump’s trade policies.

Perhaps the most surprising comment Koch made at the Colorado conference today, as The Hill noted, came when the billionaire political donor suggested that his network would be willing to support anyone who agrees with their free market, free trade policies, regardless of their political affiliation.

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