Chilling diary entries of mum who killed her four children

The chilling diary entries of a mother who killed her four children have been revealed as the convicted murderer could be proven innocent 15 years after being jailed.

Kathleen Folbigg, from New South Wales, Australia, was found guilty in 2003 of killing her two sons and two daughters by suffocation between 1989 and 1999.

She is currently serving a 40-year sentence with a 30 year non-parole term at Cessnock Correctional Centre for the killings.

Now, as part of a look back at the chilling case, excerpts from her diaries offer an insight into Folbigg’s twisted mind.

In one entry about her daughter, she wrote: "I knew I was short tempered and cruel sometimes to her. She left, with a bit of help."

Another read: "All I wanted was to shut her up and one day she did."

In another she wrote: "I feel like the worst mother on this earth. Scared that she’ll leave me now like Sarah did."

Folbigg, who claimed her children died from natural causes, was found guilty of murdering her son Patrick in February 1991, when he was seven months old, Sarah, aged 10 months in August 1993 and Laura, 18 months in February 1999.

She was found guilty of manslaughter of her 19-day-old son Caleb’s death in February 1989.

Now, after exhausting all her appeal options, Folbigg is relying on a petition drafted by a Newcastle legal team, calling for an inquiry into the case, stating she was convicted on ‘flawed evidence’.

New South Wales Attorney-General Mark Speakman hinted the State Government was open to reviewing her case, reports Mail Online .

He told Daily Mail Australia, :"Ms Folbigg’s petition raises complex questions to which I am giving appropriate consideration and have taken extensive advice."

"I hope to be in a position to make an announcement in the near future."

Barrister Isabel Reed, part of a legal team calling for a review of case evidence, told The Sydney Morning Herald : "We don’t want her released from prison. We just want an inquiry to look at the evidence and consider: has there been a miscarriage of justice here?"

"I didn’t think when we started this that that was a big ask."

Folbigg currently enjoys daily chats with close friends at 9:30am, in which she has revealed her reasons for keeping the horrific diaries.

In one call she said: "You’ve got to understand that those diaries are written from a point of me always blaming myself.

"I blamed myself for everything. It’s just I took so much of the responsibility, because that’s, as mothers, what you do."

In another chat to friend she revealed being "overhwlemed" whent he jury found her guilty of the killings.

She told a friend: "Look, it was just so overwhelming. There are no words. No words to even describe it."

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