Chilling pics show paedo with boy, 12, moments before he lured him to abandoned building then raped and murdered him – The Sun

CHLLING pictures show the moments before a young boy was lured to his death by a sick paedophile.

Schoolboy Rodion Volkov, 12, is thought to have been returning home from a football training when a man approached him and started a conversation in the city of Dnipro, central Ukraine.

Gaining the boy’s trust, the stranger led him to a nearby shop and plied him with sweets, reports local media.

Disturbing CCTV footage shows the man, dressed in shabby clothes accompanying young Rodion who is carrying a plastic bag.

The pair appear relaxed as they queue inside the shop.

He then lured Rodion to a decrepit building in a local park where he raped and murdered him, before having intercourse with his body.

Cops say the boy was reported him missing to the police after he did not come home and stopped answering phone calls.

Officers quickly tracked the boy’s mobile phone and started searching the park.

According to police spokeswoman Ludmyla Kopylenko upon entering they discovered a "nervous" looking 59-year-old man whose face was covered in blood.

She added officers reported the man was "pulling up his pants" as they entered.

Horrified officers discovered the youngster's body beneath a pile of clothes the man had been lying next to.

According to Ms Kopylenko, the 59-year-old was a local homeless man who had been living in the abandoned house.

The 59-year-old was arrested and confessed in full saying that he raped the boy before "throttling him" and having sexual intercourse with the body".

Police launched a criminal case for rape and murder against the unnamed homeless man, who has  since been placed into custody.

He faces life-sentence if found guilty.

The youngester, Rodion was a promising young footballer from a local ‘Energy’ football school.

He lived with his mother and grandparents.

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