Chilling videos show panic and chaos as armed cops shoot terrorist on London Bridge

CHILLING videos show panicked bystanders fleeing London Bridge today after 12 people were injured in a knife rampage that police are treating as a terrorist attack.

Terrifying footage from the scene appeared to show members of the public grappling with the terrorist before being pulled away by armed officers, one of whom shot the knifeman at point-blank range.

The suspect was shot dead by officers and wore a hoax explosive vest.

A bystander was seen carrying a large knife away from the scene.

Pictures from the scene showed a second large knife lying next to the suspect's body.

After gunshots were heard on the bridge around 2pm today, hundreds of terrified Londoners were filmed fleeing the scene.

Members of the public and staff were also seen being ushered away from nearby Borough Market.

Others were told to stay inside restaurants and stores.

Journalist Lucy Jones was in Farmer J’s restaurant in London Bridge when armed cops stormed in.

She said: "We were eating lunch when a policeman screamed ‘get on the floor’.

"They locked all the doors and we had to rush to the back of the restaurant near the toilets.

"There were women crying. It was terrifying."

Another witness, 36, was inside Borough Market when police stormed the area.

He said: "All of a sudden there were squads of armed cops all running in four by four by four.

"They were all separating and sweeping off in different directions. They were screaming at people to get out.

"There was a huge panic and everyone just started running."

It is believed that 12 people have been injured.

Ordinary Londoners showed "breathtaking heroism" in disarming the terrorist, mayor Sadiq Khan said.

The London Ambulance Service declared it a major incident and one picture on social media appeared to show a body covered with a blanket.

A lorry has been left jacknifed across London Bridge.

The bridge and the market were the scene of a terror attack in 2017 in which eight victims were killed along with the three terrorists.

Guy Lawrence, 48, said he saw a man running out of a building, believed to be Fishmongers' Hall, armed with two kitchen knives with 20cm blades.

He claimed one member of the public was seen running after the suspect, one armed with a 6ft stick and another with a fire extinguisher.

He told The Times: "I saw all traffic stopped in front of me. I heard shooting — there was an attack. And I saw a guy on the floor. I heard two shots: bang, bang.

"Police were running towards us and they told us to get out and run."

Another witness said she saw "two or three people stabbed" at Fishmongers' Hall, saying: "One minor and the other two were proper bleeding.

"One of our colleagues is in the hospital with three stabs."

Witnesses recounted how they heard "five or six" gunshots ring out as cops swooped.

Amanda Hunter said she was on a bus when it came to a stop, saying: "There was a commotion and I looked over the window and I saw three police officers running over to a man who had something in his hand, I don’t know what.

"I saw a police officer shoot him.

"I saw a man and three police officers trying to put him on the ground and then I heard about three shots go into the man and then police officers went away from the suspect."

Today's incident comes weeks after the UK's terrorism threat level was downgraded.

The threat level was lowered on November 4 to "substantial" from "severe", meaning attacks were thought to be "likely" rather than "highly likely".

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