China is lifting its ban on Canadian pork, beef exports: Trudeau

China’s ban on imports of Canadian pork and beef is now lifted, according to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

In a tweet on Tuesday, Trudeau announced the lifting of the suspension that was put in place by China roughly four months after officials there said customs inspectors had found traces of a banned animal feed additive called ractopamine in a shipment of pork claiming to be from Canada.

However, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency said the export certificate used by the shipment was fake, suggesting the shipment wasn’t actually from Canada.

But the ban remained in place and has been costing Canadian agricultural producers, who export roughly 20 per cent of their pork to China, making it the second-largest market for Canadian pork products.

China is also the fifth-largest importer of Canadian beef products.

In a statement issued shortly after Trudeau’s tweet, the Canadian Meat Council praised the lifting of the ban and thanked the government as well as Canada’s new ambassador to China, Dominic Barton, for their work on the file.

“Our long-standing trade relationship with China is very important to both sides and this represents an important step for both countries,” said Chris White, president of the Canadian Meat Council.

“This is great news, especially on the eve of an industry-led mission to China that CMC has organized to meet with Chinese officials at all key ports where product lands to ensure a smooth operation moving forward.”

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