China records just one domestic coronavirus case after ruthless lockdown

China appears on top in the war against coronavirus after just one new domestic case was recorded in the last day.

Across the country, where the infection terrorising the globe originated before Christmas, there were 13 new cases, but 12 of these were imported.

China now accounts for less than half of global cases, with Iran, Italy and Spain struggling to contain the virus and reporting thousands of new cases each day.

It has also emerged that the emergency hospitals, built in days to treat the huge numbers of coronavirus patients, have now all closed due to tumbling demand.

Infected travellers passing through major Chinese transportation hubs in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen were largely responsible for the rise in cases.

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The 13 new confirmed cases of coronavirus infections on Tuesday is down from 21 cases a day earlier.

The overall number of imported cases of the virus in mainland China reached 155 as of Tuesday, up 12 from a day earlier.

That brings the total number of confirmed cases in mainlandChina so far to 80,894, with a death toll of 3,237 as of the end of Tuesday, up by 11 from the previous day.

Since the outbreak, which took hold in January and February, China has imposed strict lockdown, with Wuhan, the epicentre of the flu-like disease, shut down.

Tens of millions of people have been quarantined for months, and kept away from work and children away from school.

In epicentre province Hubei, 56 million have been penned in since January and many of capital Wuhan's 11 million citizens are banned from leaving their homes.

People have reported losing their jobs as a result of the quarantine, with others saying there are food shortages in their communities.

Due to the measures the spread of the virus now seems to be confined to Hubei in the centre of the country, with all the deaths and all except three of the new cases reported there.

Authorities in China will still be fearing what happens when restrictions in Wuhan are lifted.

Some people voiced concern that when the lockdown is lifted the virus will make a come back due to how difficult mild cases can be to spot.

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