Christian Brueckner's ex-partner 'is hiding in fear for her life'

Madeleine McCann suspect Christian Brueckner’s ex-girlfriend ‘has gone into hiding as she fears for her life’

  • Nakscije Miftari had an 18-month relationship with Christian Brueckner in 2014
  • Her brother has revealed she has gone into hiding after speaking with police
  • Ms Miftari was the subject of violent abuse by Brueckner during the relationship
  • She was beaten by the now-convicted paedophile after finding his child porn 

The ex-girlfriend of the latest Madeline McCann suspect is hiding for her life after speaking to German police.

Nakscije Miftari, 25, had an 18-month relationship with Christian Brueckner in 2014 when she was 17-years-old and was the subject of violent abuse from the now-convicted paedophile.

Brueckner, 43, is nearly 20 years older than Ms Miftari and is now being held in solitary confinement in a high-security prison in north Germany, with claims emerging he abducted three-year-old Madeline in 2007. 

The former girlfriend of Madeline McCann suspect Christian Brueckner, Nakscije Miftari (pictured), has gone into hiding due to fears regarding her safety after speaking to German police

Ms Miftari (pictured right) was in an 18-month relationship with Brueckner (left) in 2014 when she was 17-years-old. 

The 25-year-old spoke to German police recently about whether she knew about Madeline’s disappearance in 2007.

Her brother, Mifail Miftari, told The Sun: ‘I spoke to her two days ago. She has spoken to the police and they have told her to keep a low profile.

‘She is in fear of her life and has been told not to speak to anyone by the police.

‘She wouldn’t tell me where she was and I don’t want to know. It’s for the best. 

‘I’ve read she is wanted by Interpol but that is not true.

‘Nakscije knows nothing about Madeline’s disappearance. She was only a little girl herself at the time, no more than ten-years-old.’

Ms Miftari was beaten by Brueckner during their relationship after she found child pornography on his computer.

The serial sex offender has a total 17 convictions and recently applied for early release from prison after reaching the two thirds point of a drug dealing sentence on Sunday. 

Nakscije’s elder sister, Azra Miftari, told the MailOnline this week: ‘He hit my sister. It was horrible for her. 

‘Only my sister Nakscije had anything to do with him. She was his girlfriend. But she was young and naïve. We told her he was too older for her but she didn’t care.

‘I don’t know Brueckner. I’ve never met him but I know that Brueckner hit my sister.’ 

Azra Miftari (pictured), the elder sister of Nakscije, told the MailOnline this week that Brueckner was violent towards her sister during the relationship

Brueckner’s lawyer Friedrich Fülscher told German broadcaster RTL that the convicted paedophile will fight any false statements made about him regarding the Madeline McCann case.

The lawyer also said this week that attempts are being made to protect the 43-year-old in prison from possible attacks from other inmates. 

Azra Miftari added: ‘The police have spoken to Nakscije. The police have spoken to the whole of Miftari family.

‘They have told Nakscije not to speak about Brueckner. They have told the whole Miftari family not to speak about Brueckner. 

‘There are a lot of people asking where Nakscije is and this situation is affecting the whole family.’

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