Claudia Conway rushed to hospital with appendicitis as she films herself on a drip

CLAUDIA Conway was rushed to hospital with appendicitis as she filmed herself on a drip.

The 16-year-old posted a video of herself attached to an IV, dancing to Drip Too Hard by Lil Baby & Gunna to her TikTok on Tuesday.

The caption read "let's hope that my appendix isn't about to burst," with a fingers crossed emoji.

In the comments she appeared to confirm her condition, asking "y'all rocking w appendicitis?"

Claudia was seen wearing a patients robe, with a hospital band on her wrist, lying down on a white bed.

She has not updated her almost 2million TikTok fans since she appeared to be administered into hospital.

Her condition is unclear and it has not yet been confirmed whether or not she has been discharged.

One viewer asked Claudia if there were cuts on her arms, to which she confirmed they were "scratches from cat."

Fans became concerned with Conway's health after she published a TikTok video claiming she "didn't think she'd be alive month ago."

"I'm really happy, I'm doing really well, the situation is what it is – but I'm thriving for right now…." she said.

"Also if you're going through anything – because trust me I know I've been there I've had a crazy couple of weeks, a crazy 16 years, but it gets better, I know that's cliché but it really does.

"Like I'm alive right now and I'm thriving, and you know like six months ago I didn't think I'd be alive but I'm here so you're here too, you'll be here too it gets better," she said.

Claudia has opened up about her mental health in recent months after posting clips of her turbulent relationship with her mom, Kellyanne.

Earlier this year, Claudia accused her mom of allegedly posting a nude picture of her on Twitter Fleets.

During a FaceTime call with Youtuber Tana Mongeau, that was streamed on Instagram Live, Kellyanne apparently told cops Claudia "may not make it."

The woman, who Mongeau claims is Kellyanne, appears to be concerned, telling Claudia "you were suicidal," before claiming "you were in the psychiatric unit three times, you were arrested for assaulting me."

Within 24 hours of accusing her mom of leaking the photo, Claudia changed her motive telling her followers that she acted "irrationally and impulsively" by blaming her.

"Yesterday when I was made aware of the situation, I was distraught, I was very upset," she told her 1.6million followers.

"I know that my mom would never, ever post something to hurt me like that, intentionally.

"I do believe she was hacked," she said in the third video of the series, that she said she was not forced to make.

She went on to slam social media as "a very dark place" before confirming she would be taking a break.

However, just weeks later, Claudia returned to TikTok and began posting a series of new videos.

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