Cleaner set on fire after client turned on hob – setting cleaning products alight – feared husband 'wouldn't want her'

A MUM lost half her face and needed to be brought back to life four times after a horrific explosion burned 63 per cent of her body.

Adriana Lima, 39, said she feared her husband would no longer want to be with her after she suffered horror injuries as she worked as a cleaner.

She was so badly burned she considered suicide – but now shares her journey back to health on social media.

Adriana, of Joinville in southeast Brazil, was hurt after a hob was turned on – just after she'd used flammable products nearby.

She suffered third-degree burns to her hands, face, legs and arms and spent almost a month in a coma.

The business owner was at work with her husband David Lima, 37, when disaster struck in July 2017.

The couple, who own a cleaning and waterproofing business, used a flammable product on a sofa.

But their customer forgot – and switched on the gas hob.

The explosion set the building ablaze, and while David suffered just minor burns, Adriana took the full force of the blast.

She initially believed she wasn't badly hurt – even helping the owner of the apartment escape.

But moments later, she felt agonising pain – and her heart and lungs began shutting down.

Adriana told the Mirror: "At that moment, I thought that only my hands were burned, but it was actually much worse than I imagined.

"The firefighters who arrived first saw that my case was serious, but at that time I only thought about my children because they were in the car park of the apartment we were working in.

"I needed to make sure they were safe.

"The pain quickly got much worse and according to the firefighters, minutes later I went into cardiopulmonary arrest and I was fighting for my life.

"I was resuscitated for over two hours. I had breathed in a lot of smoke and sixty-three per cent of my body had been burnt."

Adriana had to be resuscitated three times at the scene, and at the hospital, she was saved yet again.

In intensive care, Adriana's heart swelled, her lungs filled with fluid, and her kidneys almost shut down.

But after a 24-day coma, she awoke.

She said: "Somehow I managed to pull through. When I woke up I thought it was the day after the accident and was shocked to hear that I had been unconscious so long.

"I didn't know how to walk, eat or drink and I spoke very low because of intubation, but my willpower to go home and see my boys was so great."

But her battle wasn't yet over – and she even considered suicide.

However, thanks to support from her husband and sons, 15 and five, she fought through.

"I was afraid my husband would not want me and that my children would be ashamed of me," she said.

"At one point I even thought of suicide but thank God, I quickly got up and got out of the depression.

"I changed the way I saw life. I learned to love and accept myself and today, I am truly happy.

"My trademark is to always be happy and smiling and today I have reason to smile again."

The brave mum has even set up an Instagram page detailing her recovery journey.

"I am happy. My husband and children love me and that is all I need," she said.

"I want to show that you don't need to cover your imperfections with makeup. You're beautiful as you are."

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