Clowns are on the ISIS hitlist as they are seen as a 'major sin' under Sharia Law

ISIS would kill off the creepy clown hysteria which has gripped the planet as they deem the circus entertainers anti-Islamic.

Under Sharia Law – which the terror group has pledged to install on earth – clowns would be given the chop as they are seen as a 'big sin'.

Islamic law states: "A clown dresses and acts in a way meant to change Allah's creation in a funny way, which is a prohibited action.

"Thus the clowns should not be watched or encouraged."

Under Islamic rulings outlined for the Eid festival, clowns are deemed Haram  – which means strictly prohibited.

Face painting would also be wiped off the face of the earth, if Islamic extremists get their way.

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"Face painting…this practice is mostly meant to change Allah's creation for the purpose of fun," reveals the website (which outlines the many laws of Islam).

"Changing Allah's creation is one of the major sins in Islam. Thus the children should not be encouraged to like this practice, even to the slightest degree."

The 'policing' of clowns would be carried out by ISIS's religious police the Al-Hisba – which translates to “men who guard against infringements.”

A clown dresses and acts in a way meant to change Allah's creation in a funny way, which is a prohibited action

Infringements in this context refers to anything seen as non-Islamic by Sharia law interpretation.

They can hand out punishments ranging from floggings to public executions.

The creepy clown frenzy was born in South Carolina in late August after unsubstantiated reports surfaced that clowns were spotted trying to lure children into the woods.

The craze has since ignited a world-wide phenomenon, with scary clown sightings reported across the world.

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