Comptroller candidate calls for investigation into DOE spending under Carranza

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City Controller candidate Michelle Caruso-Cabrera has called for an independent investigation into spending by the Department of Education under ex-schools Chancellor Richard Carranza.

Caruso-Cabrera’s call for a probe comes in the wake of a report by The Post that revealed the education department awarded Carranza’s current employer — IXL Learning, Inc. — $3.3 million in contracts in the past two years alone.

The California ed-tech firm announced its hiring of Carranza on April 1 — less than three weeks after his last day as chancellor.

The DOE has said Carranza “followed all job-hunting conflict and recusal rules while securing his job with IXL”

But Caruso-Cabrera wants an investigation to determine if that is the case.

“As someone who has spent decades following the money and questioning the lies, and not a professional politician like everyone else involved, I know that what we need here is an outside investigator who can scrutinize every detail,” Caruso-Cabrera told The Post in a statement.

“It’s outrageous that millions of taxpayer dollars were awarded by the DOE to a
company whose learning programs have been blasted by parents and students at the
same time that the former school chancellor was interviewing for a high-powered
position at that same company – where was the oversight here?” she added.

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