Cops search for Bronx pastor accused of kissing 11-year-old girl

Cops are searching for a Bronx pastor who is accused of kissing an 11-year-old girl during a music lesson, police and law enforcement sources said Thursday.

The clergyman — who police say may have been operating under an alias as he ran a church at 2101 Creston Ave. —  was teaching the youngster piano at a Bronx apartment when he kissed her on the mouth and face, according to police, who said the man is not accused of a crime and simply wanted for questioning.

The girl cried out for help to a family member who was in another room, and the family reported the encounter to police.

Police have a name for the pastor, but believe it is bogus, according to sources, who said he is believed to head the church.

The NYPD released a photo of the pastor on Thursday.

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