Coronavirus nurses offered over $100K for two-month rotation at pop-up hospital in Chicago – The Sun

A Chicago hospital is offering nurses $106,000 to work eight weeks at a pop-up medical center housing coronavirus patients in McCormick Place.

In order to collect however, workers will need to work three 84-hour weeks, and then do it again after only two days off.

Nurses from around the country were contacted ahead of the April 1st start date in an email that was obtained by The Sun.

“It will start with 500 beds and then be increasing to 3,000 by mid-April,” reads the email.

“They are COVID patients but low-maintenance COVID.”

The email puts the ratio of nurses to patients at 1:15 and notes that “flexibility is key.”

And for their tireless service, these individuals will be generously compensated at a time when states find themselves in bidding wars for medical supplies, devices and even workers.

These nurses will receive “$125/hr for the first 40” and “$187/hr” for overtime according to the breakdown.

“It would come out to be 40 hours/week with 44 hours of OT resulting in a gross weekly pay of $13,250,” states the email.

Nurses who are accepted also receive a $400 to pay for travel to and from Chicago as well as free lodging.

The trtavel is a perk for many who do not want to return to their homes after a day spent with coronavirus patients due to fears they might infect their own families.

The hours however are not only grueling,but also uncertain.

“Must be flexible for A or B shift and floating as necessary,” explains the email.

This means that in addition to their 84-hour weeks, the nurses who are hired will also rotate between day and night shifts as decided by hospital administrators.

The hiring incentives proved to be too good to pass up for a number of people, and McCormick Place has currently filled all 170 positions.

It is not all good news according to one medical worker who spoke to The Sun.

That indicts expressed concerns about the performance of these new hires given their harrowing hours and rotating shift times.

“There is so much going on and these men and women will be getting more and more tired with each passing day,” said that person

“This is how mistakes get made.”

They then added: “There is really no room for mistakes when you’re battling a pandemic."

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