Couple’s ‘dream’ TUI holiday slips away in eight-hour Manchester Airport chaos

A couple claims they missed the flight for their 'dream holiday' after being forced to queue in a chaotic airport for nearly eight hours.

Izabela and Wojeciech Przybsz had spent thousands of pounds on a holiday to Madeira to celebrate their 15th anniversary, only for disaster to strike when they arrived at Manchester Airport, Hull Live reports.

The couple drove to the airport on February 28, and say they arrived with "hours to spare" at around 6.30am. Their flight was due to depart at 9am, with the TUI check-in desk closing at 8.15am.

Wojeciech, 40, and Izabela, 42, claim they had checked-in online ahead of their flight and already had their boarding passes printed out.

All that was left to do was to drop off their luggage – but things "started to go downhill" from there, they claim.

Wojeciech said: "So we got to airport, as recommended, at least two hours before our flight was due to take off.

"We got there and were told by two TUI reps to go to the end of a massive queue. We lost plenty of time queuing there, before a TUI rep then said we were queuing in the wrong place.

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"By the time we got to TUI check-in hall and were finally placed in the right queue for our destination, we were losing time before the flight – we hadn't even been through security yet."

Frustrated and still queuing, the dad-of-one claims a TUI rep then came over to assure the pair that they would be able to fly.

Their luggage was then checked in and they went to security.

They say they were "finally" able to get through security around 8.47am, and told they would make it just in time for the 9am take-off.

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Frantically wondering how they could salvage their dream trip, the pair said they pleaded with TUI staff to get them on the plane but were told they were too late.

Wojeciech said: "They told us to book an independent flight if we want and pay extra money at our own cost. But they owe us over £1,000 for the holiday they didn't provide.

"We were then told it was our fault we were late to the flight despite them apologising for the chaos and assuring us that the airline would wait for us after check-in and baggage drop

"We checked in online four days before the flight, this isn't our fault. We couldn't get our baggage back for nearly four hours.

"Nobody knew where it was. It was chaos, misinformation, one agent contradicting another, we were being sent from one place to another. In total, we spent over eight hours in that airport."

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The pair claim they spent "hours" trying to contact TUI's customer service team who responded to their concerns in an email that said: "I'm very sorry for the inconveniences and the delay on the solution for your case, you would understand that this is not a common situation and we are finding out the best solution for you.

"We strongly suggest you contact your insurance company as we do not cover missed flights. If you wish, we can refer you to our pre-travel department to see if your case qualifies for a change of holiday. I hope this information is useful to you."

The Daily Star has contacted TUI for further comment.

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