Court investigates British fitness buff’s disturbing Facebook Live suicide

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A 50-year-old British man livestreamed his suicide-by-hanging as his friends frantically called for help — and now the tragedy is the subject of a court investigation.

Weightlifter and gym-owner Jonathan Bailey posted on Facebook that he was going to take his own life on July 11, and soon started streaming his actions to as many as hundreds of viewers, according to Stoke Sentinel.

A court hearing Friday found that friends of the father of four began frantically calling police, but Bailey had moved recently, and many officers were dispatched to the wrong address, the outlet reported.

By the time police arrived at his Newcastle apartment, he had killed himself.

Bailey, a gym owner with a history of mental health issues, had cut his wrists and also threatened to jump off a roof in the week before his suicide, according to the report.

Concerned friends had taken Bailey to the hospital for an emergency assessment the day before the deadly incident, after he took the sedative diazepam, the court reportedly heard.

“He could barely stand. He was shaking and cold,” friend Stefan Hanks told the court, according to the article.

Officials at the hospital found he was “high risk,” but not suffering from suicidal thoughts.

“The team advised that he would benefit from an admission to Harplands Hospital to support him through this crisis period,” a health care worker reportedly told the court.

“Mr. Bailey, however, declined that admission.”

His friend told the court he was at home when his stepdaughter told him about Bailey’s alarming Facebook post, according to the outlet.

“I knew I needed to get straight to his flat,” Craig Spillane’s statement reportedly read. “As I was driving, my stepdaughter shouted ‘Oh my God, he’s doing it live on Facebook’.”

Spillane rushed to Bailey’s apartment, but it was too late.

“I ran up and noticed the door was unlocked slightly, but with a chain. I just shoulder-barged the door, breaking the chain,” Spillane reportedly said.

Despite the deadly result, both relatives and the coroner reportedly told the court they believed Bailey was making a cry for help, and did not actually intend to take his own life.

“He’d had many cries for help over months and people would go to his aid. He knew people would go to his help,” Andrew Franks, Bailey’s uncle, reportedly said.

“His intention was unclear,” North Staffordshire senior coroner Andrew Barkley concluded, according to the article.

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