Creep follows same teen girl through subway twice

Police are hunting for a creep who followed a 14-year-old girl out of a Manhattan subway station — and then stalked her again the very next day, they said Thursday.

The man chatted up the teen as she exited the Bowling Green subway station the morning of Sept. 25, telling her, “I want to take you to Starbucks,” and asking, “Are you from around here?” sources said.

He then trailed her for nearly a half-mile to Trinity Place and offered her $20 in cash before she was able to shake him off, cops said.

The next day, the girl ran into the transit stalker again — this time in the Bronx.

The sleazy straphanger spotted her boarding a southbound 4 train at the Burnside Avenue station in Morris Heights and followed her, riding with her for several stops, authorities said.

Eventually, the girl spotted a group of friends at the 170th Street station platform and ran to them. The man, meanwhile, fled the station on foot.

Police described him as in his 40s and about 5-foot-5.

The creepy encounter is among the 600-plus complaints of disturbing subway behavior in the city this year — a problem that’s compelled the NYPD and lawmakers to push for repeat transit offenders to be barred from riding the rails.

In September, Gov. Cuomo called for a lifetime ban and Mayor de Blasio added his support three weeks later.

“Many [straphangers] are anxious knowing that there are folks around that might mean them harm,” he said then. “If we can help ensure that it’s done constitutionally, I think that’s an idea that has some real merit.”

The NYPD has also pushed for the ban, saying that officers who patrol the subways are tired of dealing with the same group of serial sickos.

“We all devote so much time and effort, and these guys get right back out and they go back to doing what they do — which is preying on innocent civilians,” Sgt. Christopher O’Connell, commanding officer of the Transit Special Victims Squad, told The Post.

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