Cruise ship passenger rescued after 10 hours at sea

A British flight attendant says she’s “lucky to be alive” after falling overboard from a cruise ship and spending 10 hours treading in the ocean overnight.

A rescue ship pulled Kay Longstaff, 46, from the Adriatic sea on Sunday morning, hours after she fell off the back of the Norwegian Star cruise ship as it sailed 60 miles from the coast of Croatia.

“She said the fact that she practices yoga helped as she was fit,” one of her rescuers told local media. “And said she was singing to not feel cold in the sea overnight.”

While the circumstances of how she fell are still being investigated, a cruise ship staffer named Daniel Punch said that it looked like Longstaff had jumped into the water after a day spent drinking and arguing with her boyfriend and friends, The Sun UK reported.

“She didn’t fall, she jumped,” he said. “It was on my ship. I spoke [to her] throughout the whole week. She was arguing with her fella the whole time.”

The alarm was raised when Longstaff’s handbag and passport were found on board but she was nowhere to be seen, as the ship made its way to Venice, Italy.

Aided by CCTV, the ship returned to the spot where she’d fallen in but couldn’t locate her so the authorities took over, according to the BBC.

Longstaff, a former Virgin Atlantic flight attendant who now works on private planes, was all smiles after being pulled from the waters by the Croatian coast guard less than a mile from where she fell.

“I fell off the back of the Norwegian Star and I was in the water for 10 hours,” she told Croatian news outlet HRT. “So these wonderful guys rescued me. I am very lucky to be alive.”

She was taken to a hospital in Pula, Croatia, and discharged shortly afterward.

David Radas, from the Croatian Ministry of Maritime Affairs, told the Daily Telegraph that Longstaff was “not injured, just exhausted, hypothermic and in shock.”

The rescue vessel’s captain, Lovro Oreskovic, said she was “exhausted” when she was found Sunday, adding: “We were extremely happy for saving a human life.”

Longstaff is a British citizen but currently lives on Spain’s Costa del Sol.

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