Dad furious after family-of-nine who live together are turned away from pub over rule of six

A DAD was left fuming after he took his family-of-nine who live together out for a pub meal but was turned away over the rule of six.

Daniel Gough, 39, wanted to take his girlfriend Helen and their seven kids, aged between five months and 14, out to the Baldwin Arms, a Hungry Horse pub in Hall Green, Birmingham.

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The scaffolder, who is a regular at the pub, says he told staff they were all from the same household when they visited on October 4.

But the pub manager said they wouldn’t be allowed in to eat because there was more than six of them.

Under the rule of six, the government makes allowances for large families who live under the same roof.

The pub said it had "taken the decision to
 limit table sizes to six in all circumstances".

Mr Gough told Birmingham Live: "I am a scaffolder and I work away quite a bit. When I do come home I want to treat my girlfriend and kids so I take them out for meals.

"I have been a regular at the Baldwin Arms and visit about three times a week.

How the rule of six works for large families

Boris Johnson announced the rule of six regulation on September 14, with groups of more than six people banned from meeting up.

However, households and support bubbles of more than six people are exempt from the new rules.

The guidelines state: “Where everyone lives together or is in the same support bubble, or to continue existing arrangements where children do not live in the same household as both their parents.”

A support bubble is a small circle of people who can socialise exclusively.

The idea lets adults who live alone and single parents with children under 18 to join up with one other household so they can visit each other’s homes, stay the night and travel together in vehicles.

"I never book a table they are usually happy for us to just turn up
 and accommodate us.

"Staff told us
 they couldn't seat us because there were more than six of us.

 explained we were all in the same household and asked if we could just
 go on two separate tables but they were having none of it.

"I know the government does make an allowance for large families like
 ours living in the same household. I asked to speak to the manager and
 she wouldn't budge.

"It was upsetting as sitting us on two separate tables seemed a simple

"I am a regular there and have always got on with the staff
 but this has really upset me.

"On that day we went to another pub
 nearby and there wasn't a problem."

A spokesperson for the Baldwin Arms said: “Since reopening, we have encouraged all
 customers to pre-book their tables ahead of their visit.

"Our booking system is set up to enable six people maximum to be
 booked onto a table and whilst we understand that a household plus
 support bubble may be more than six people, we have found that this
 can cause confusion with other guests and have taken the decision to
 limit table sizes to six in all circumstances.

“Where a household or bubble group numbers more than six people we will do our best to seat them on adjacent tables, however we cannot guarantee to always do this due to availability on the day.”

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