Dad raising three kids alone after mum fell into a coma and died in childbirth

A devastated dad was left caring for his three children alone after his wife slipped into a coma and died just moments after a routine caesarian.

Becky Parry, 32, became unconscious just minutes after delivering a perfect baby boy in the pre-planned procedure, leaving her fighting for her life.

The fit and healthy cancer nurse suffered a cardiac arrest and three days later her life support machine was turned off at Northampton General hospital on June 6.

Her heartbroken partner Brett, 32, is now the sole carer and a single dad to the couple’s three children – Ashton, nine, Dolcie-Belle, five, and the newborn baby the couple named Hudson.

Five weeks later, Brett is struggling to come to terms with Becky’s death.

He told the Daily Mail : "Becky was perfectly healthy.

"She went to hospital to give birth — and now no one will ever see her again. It doesn’t seem real.

"I still have her overnight bag from the hospital upstairs, still packed. I don’t even want to open her wardrobe.

"Each night, at 8.30, I put the kids to bed and I go to bed with them because there’s no Becky to talk to, no one beside me on the settee, no one to share the silences with."

The couple had been together since they were teenagers. Becky’s death has hit the family hard after she had a normal pregnancy and no problems while carrying Hudson.

He was conceived nine months earlier on their honeymoon in Dubai.

Brett was by Becky’s side, holding her hand, when she gave birth on June 3. She just had time to smile before her condition worsened dramatically.

Within moments the hospital’s trauma team rushed in to help Becky who was struggling to breath and had a racing pulse.

Eventually medics broke the news Becky had been starved of oxygen and would never recover.

Heartbreakingly, she didn’t have a chance to hold baby Hudson before falling ill.

Brett offered their children the chance to see their mum before her life-support machine was turned off but they refused, preferring to remember her as the happy and healthy mummy she was.

Self-employed electrician Brett has described how hard he had found it to accept what happened to Becky who worked as a cancer nurse at the hospital she was treated in.

He is now raising their children with the help of Becky’s parents and her three sisters, and the help of his own parents and two siblings.

He says he takes the children to visit their mum’s grave where they lie near her and place flowers.

Brett and Becky married in September 2017 at Whittlebury Hall in Towcester after delaying their wedding to save for a house.

Brett and his family have set up a fund raising page. Visit it to donate here .

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