David Spade recalls Tom Hanks 'SNL' sketch that 'bombed': 'Our eyes connected and we were like, it's over'

Saturday Night Live alum David Spade dropped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! Wednesday night where he shared some memories from his days on the show. One particular story he shared was from the first time he wrote a sketch with Tom Hanks. Hanks had pitched the concept of subway surfing, and Spade offered to help him write it.

“First of all, I have a legal pad,” Spade recalled. “We don't have computers back then. So I'm [scribbling]. I knew how to write a couple of jokes. We wrote it all night, then we did it, and it bombed.”

Even though Hanks has two Oscars, his acting prowess wasn’t enough to overcome the material. After performing the sketch at rehearsal, Hanks decided to cut it before the live broadcast.

“I remember being on the subway, surfing,” Spade recalled. “He was next to me. Our eyes connected. We were like, it's over. We were two minutes into it and we had five more. I'm like, ‘Oh it's bombing!’”

While Hanks has been known to bomb a photo, bombing on stage is not something he often does. That being said, Spade said the megastar still remembers the sketch.

“We talked about it and he remembered the song,” Spade said. “He sang the whole song…I couldn't believe it.”

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